KICLA represents the land conservation values of its member land owners

Vision and purpose

The Kangaroo Island Conservation Landowners Association (KICLA) was established in 2017 with the purpose of representing the concerns and values of its member landowners.

Kangaroo Island Conservation Landowners Association collectively promotes a vision of the Kangaroo Island economy in which conservation is of the highest priority.


  1. To provide a collaborative group and a forum for Kangaroo Island conservation land owners and supporters, to define the physical, social and spiritual values of their properties.
  2. To facilitate information-sharing and cooperation between KI landholders managing land for nature conservation purposes.
  3. To encourage a wider understanding of the value of privately held conservation land, especially in the context of island ecology.
  4. To represent this collective investment and vision in discussions with private business interests and all levels of government.
  5. To assist in building a vision for KI of a community committed to a steady-state economy with a high priority assigned to nature conservation in all private and public policy making.

KICLA is incorporated, with a committee of five members

  • Chair: Peter Martin
  • Secretary/treasurer: Ingereth Macfarlane
  • Members: Mary-Alice Swan, Heidi Groffen, Tim Newbery
KI’s generous balance of remnant vegetation and farmland gives the island its signature landscape
KI’s generous balance of remnant vegetation and farmland gives the island its signature landscape. Photo: P. Martin
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo. Photo: P. Martin

Dr Bob Brown is the Patron of KICLA. Bob Brown is an exemplar for conservation by private landowners. In 1990 he founded Bush Heritage Australia which purchases land of outstanding conservation value from private landowners, to manage as wildlife reserves in perpetuity, and also partners with existing landowners to help plan and manage conservation work. It does so to protect endangered species and preserve Australia's biodiversity.

KICLA member properties

Yellow lines represent the boundaries of conservation properties of current members of KICLA. The darker shaded areas indicate remaining native vegetation, some of which are in national parks and reserves, and some of which remain in private hands. (Map from SA Dept of Environment and Water)