Kangaroo Island Conservation Landowners Association

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The Kangaroo Island Conservation Landowners Association (KICLA) represents the concerns and values of its member landowners. The Association collectively promotes a vision of the Kangaroo Island economy in which conservation is of the highest priority.

Approximately 50% of land on Kangaroo Island remains as native vegetation, generally in good condition, and typically in various stages of regrowth after fire. Almost half of that area is in private hands.

Catastrophic fires December 2019 – January 2020

Fires burnt half of Kangaroo Island in December 2019 and January 2020, killing two people, destroying 89 homes and profoundly impacting wildlife and habitat on a landscape scale. While devastated farming families begin the slow and difficult job of rebuilding their lives, National Parks and private holders of bushland are taking steps to preserve, protect and restore the biodiversity retained in unburnt pockets across the western and central regions, which is now even more valuable. For information on the emergency conservation measures now being put in place see Fire response.

‘Flinders Chase National Park after the fires in January 2020’
Flinders Chase National Park after the fires in January 2020. Photo: David Mariuz/AAP

This website brings together information and resources to both support Association members as well as raise public awareness in communication with media, partners, friends and other interested parties.

Please use the contacts page to direct any enquiries to the current KICLA administrator.

Primary Conservation Activities

  • Land care

  • Bush fire management

  • Wildlife monitoring

  • Plant identification

  • Feral animal removal

  • Data collection and analysis

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